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       108th Annual Moose Nobel Music Prize Co-winners Announced
       VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, Jan. 27, 2008 – – The Moose Nobel Committee of the HUMS music society has announced the co-winners of the 2008 Moose Nobel Prize in music (, the world’s most prestigious music prize.

      HUMS (the Horde of Unruly Musicians of Sweden) has selected four co-winners for 2008. They are:

      Charles Aznavour, French singer and songwriter.

      Sonny Rollins, American jazz tenor saxophonist.

      Loretta Lynn, American country singer and songwriter.

      Caetano Veloso, Brazilian singer and songwriter.

      The Moose Nobel Prize in music has been awarded annually since 1901.

      For the first 10 years (1901 - 1910), two co-winners were selected each year. From 1911 through 1932, the HUMS Committee increased the number of co-recipients to three. Since 1933, the number of co-winners has remained at four each year.

      Moose Nobel music prize winners have always represented a rich diversity of musical art. In recent decades, laureates have included the likes of soprano Birgit Nilsson (2004), songwriter-performer Sir Elton John (2002), conductor-composer Giuseppe Sinopoli (2000), singer Asha Bhosle (1998), rap artist Tupac Shakur (1995), country singer George Jones (1990), cellist Mstislav Rostropovich (1986), and reggae artist Bob Marley (1980).

      As usual, the HUMS Moose Nobel Committee provided no explanations for their selections of this year’s music prize recipients. A HUMS representative relayed the names of the winners in an early morning phone call to music scholar and writer, Wayne Chase, of Vancouver, Canada.

      “You’d think they’d have learned something about time zones by now,” Chase said. “Every year it’s the same thing. They phone at five or six in the morning when I’m fast asleep.

      “I keep telling them, look, this is the west coast of North America. We’re nine hours behind Sweden. But it’s no use. I think they wake me up deliberately. It’s their idea of fun. Whoever makes the call from Sweden is pretty hammered by the time they do the deed.”

      Each year in the last week of January, the HUMS Moose Nobel Committee chooses the winners during a raucous week-long house party at an undisclosed location in Sweden.

      Someone at the party phones Chase to relay the Committee’s list of co-winners on January 27th, the anniversary of the death of Giuseppe Verdi. Along with Hugo Wolf, Verdi was the first recipient of the Moose Nobel music prize in 1901.

      Members of HUMS claim that Verdi himself always makes an appearance at the annual Moose Nobel house party, reincarnated as a singing moose.



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