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  About H.U.M.S.—The Horde of
  Unruly Musicians of Sweden


  • H.U.M.S.—the Horde of Unruly Musicians of Sweden—is one of the world's oldest and largest musical organizations. It was established in AD 806 in what is now Sweden.

  • This year, 2008, marks the 1202nd anniversary of H.U.M.S.!

  • Originally, H.U.M.S. provided music at Viking pillage celebrations. The organization now confines its activities to throwing notoriously rowdy and disorderly musical house parties and selecting the winners of the Moose Nobel Prize in Music.

  • Although it has no verifiable data to back up its claims (there is no membership list, there are no membership dues, and there are no cards for members to carry), H.U.M.S. insists it has more than 1.63 billion members worldwide.

  • The H.U.M.S. Committee (also known as the H.U.M.S. Moose Nobel Committee), based in Sweden, has avoided the limelight as much as possible, ever since the Committee awarded the first Moose Nobel Prize in Music—the world’s most prestigious music prize—under scandalous circumstances, to co-recipients Giuseppe Verdi and Hugo Wolf in 1901 (see the Story of the Moose Nobel Prize in Music).

  • In the digital age, the H.U.M.S. Committee steadfastly shunned the Internet for many years, as its members believe “you have more fun at a good party.”

  • Nevertheless, Roedy Black Publishing at long last persuaded the Moose Nobel Committee of the Horde of Unruly Musicians of Sweden  to permit the establishment of this website, the official H.U.M.S. Moose Nobel website.

  • This website provides background on the Moose Nobel Prize in Music (the world's most prestigious music prize) and lists the names of all the winners, as selected by the H.U.M.S. Committee, from 1901 to the present.


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